Travel to Orum, Turkey – Discover One of the Most Popular Beaches in the Mediterranean region

Adventure awaits you in Orum, Turkey. Located on the western coast of Marmaris Island, Orum is a delightful getaway. This seaside resort town provides its visitors with many opportunities to indulge in activities and attractions that will take their breath away. From magnificent white sandy beaches to rugged mountainsides dotted with olive groves and ancient ruins, the island is an idyllic retreat for travelers who like to relax, rejuvenate, and explore.

Travel to orum

The first thing you will notice when traveling to Orum, Turkey is the endless expanse of beautiful beaches. The beautiful Marmaris Island, found just offshore from the resort town, boasts five beaches that are perfect for sunbathing and water sports. The waters of the Mediterranean Sea offer ideal conditions for snorkeling and diving as well. One of the most popular beaches for tourists to visit is Baba Ghan, where many famous movies were shot including “Lawrence of Arabia” and” Gladiator.” Other popular beaches include Goza, which are visited by thousands of backpackers each day, and Ayios Dimitrios, a secluded beach situated away from the busy tourist hub.

If you are seeking a more educational adventure when touring Orum, Turkey, you will not be disappointed with the array of museums available to you. The Natural History Museum at Aktogan University offers hours of learning, including lectures about archeology, astronomy, genetics, and anthropology. The Turkish Museum at Kinaliagik, on the island of Cyprus, boasts archaeological artifacts and reconstructions from the distant past. For an educational outing that will captivate your children, visit thee Zoravani Archaeological Park in Antalya, which houses the oldest libraries in the world.

While in Orum, Turkey, you will also want to make some treks across the lush mountains surrounding the town. Hiking will allow you to discover the lost villages of Loves, Korkova, and Kinaliagik. Make sure to bring hiking boots, a sun hat, and sunglasses, as the weather can get rather cold during the winter months. If you like outdoor activities, consider taking a trek across Mount Gokova, one of Turkey’s highest mountains.

Orum’s biggest draw is, perhaps, its coffee culture. The coffee shops here are absolutely packed with visitors every morning. It can get exhausting standing at the same spot for several hours just to have a cup of coffee. If you are up for a caffeine buzz, Orum is a great choice; however, if you are looking for more subtle tastes, head to Marmaris and take your fill of olives, mints, and lemonades. As an added treat, try sampling the local bakery, specializing in fresh breads and pastries.

No matter how you plan to travel to Orum, Turkey, you will be enthralled by all that this quaint seaside resort has to offer. You will feel invigorated after taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of this coastal town. Whether you book a hotel or stay at one of the resorts, you will be glad that you chose to travel to Orum, Turkey.