Top 5 Attractions in Protaras, Cyprus

There are many wonderful Attractions in Protaras Cyprus including the ancient ruins of the Laganas Temple. The ruins were discovered in 1998 when a diver went missing near the wreck. This article covers the various other interesting Attractions in Protaras Cyprus including the Laganas Temple. Cyprus has been referred to as the Land of Attractions and numerous major sites can be found here. The attractions covered here span across all genres and areas.

Attractions in Protaras

Archaeology In Cyprus is best explored through archaeological excavations and the Temple of St. Barnabas is one of the most famous ones. It was built during the Roman period and has an underground complex built around it. The remains of the Temple can be seen today. This is one of the oldest Churches in the island and many visitors like to pay a visit.

Beaches Protaras has a lot of wonderful beaches and this includes its coastline. Some of the most famous ones are Dikzios, Beybel, Kavoort and Papamaria. These have a fantastic choice of water sports such as scuba diving, windsurfing, seagoing, kayaking and parasailing. These are ideal for families and kids especially while on holiday on the island.

Sea and Sand Travel There are various options for sea and sand travel when on vacation in Protaras Cyprus. For instance, visitors can opt for motor-sled boats, cruises and catamarans that take them deep into the Aegean Sea. They can also go for paragliding and jet skiing. These activities will make the visitor’s journey an experience of a lifetime.

Historical Site Visitants of the island would love to check out the ancient relics found here. Among the most famous are the Akrotiri Temple, Bosphorus Bridge, Larnaca Gate and the Temple of Aphrodite. These historical sites are quite exciting for visitors and they would love to explore them more. The Temple of Aphrodite is particularly popular because it attracts thousands of visitors every year. This is the site where the statues of the goddess were kept by the ancient Greeks

Shopping Larnaca is the best place to go shopping. There are a number of local markets located here. Apart from local items, tourists can also shop for second-hand items, antiques and the latest electronic gadgets. Thus, if you wish to shop smart and fashionable, then Larnaca is the perfect place to be in.

Enjoyment Pleasure seekers from all over the world visit the attractions in Protaras to have a pleasurable vacation. While in this region, you can indulge yourself in activities such as sunbathing and snorkeling. You can also go for water sports if you prefer to do so. The ancient sites are also a great attraction and worthy of exploring. For centuries these islands were under Greek rule. You can trace the history of this ancient civilization on the site.

This beautiful and charming location is also known for its fauna and flora. The exotic species of plants and animals attract nature lovers from all over the world. The flora and fauna of the area provide a wonderful sight to behold.