Dense Human Settlement in Shushushu

Trip to Shusha and the Golden Valley is one of the most famous travel destinations in Azerbaijan. It is an exotic location, located in the foothills of the mountains of the north-western zone of Aqaba in Iran. The city and its surroundings are picturesque with the backdrop of magnificent Iranian plateau and the stunning Taj Mahal. The region is home to numerous other attractions, such as the City of Qashqai, the old capital of old Aqaba, as well as Hamedan and the National Museum. If you are planning to make a trip to this place, you must consider some important things.

Trip to Shusha

Travel Guide: Getting there and taking a look around Shusha and the Golden Valley is not enough. You should also have a detailed guide, which can provide you with all the necessary information that you need. This is especially useful if you are not fluent Iranian or do not know much about the country’s culture and traditions. A good travel guide to Azerbaijanis must be able to give you a detailed description about all the key destinations, historical and modern, as well as present day conditions and customs in the region.

Travel Information: As far as possible, you should avoid travelling during the months of August and September when the Azarbaijanis celebrate “Khalistan-Eids”. However, there is no harm in taking a trip to the region during any other month, as long as you are not a Kalashir who belongs to the minority groups of Aqaba. In the area itself, there is a great deal of tourism happening; so it is not necessary for you to restrict your travel to only a few days. You can easily spend a whole week at Shushu-Kanish, a picturesque village near the Iranian border.

Peace Dealings and Political Situation: The region’s stability has been gradually restored after the resignation of the president and the signing of the peace deal between the government and the opposition forces. However, some elements, mainly the followers of the Islamic Revolution, want to claim the areas of Meherremov and Kairabad as their own. They have threatened to storm the Kercher residence if the peace deal is not approved by the Majlis. There is a feeling of insecurity in the region, as the security forces have been deployed to prevent any outbreak of violence. So, it is best to avoid travelling to Shushu-Kanish at this time.

Density of Human Settlement: One of the major issues that has been generating tension between the Karabakh and Asel Korkkha societies is the density of the populations in these areas. As a result, many people, both inhabitants of the region as well as the displaced people, find themselves in dire need of accommodation. These people include many families who have fled their villages for the safety of Karabakh and Asel Korkha. With the failure of the peace talks and an increasing sense of insecurity in the region, many displaced people are heading towards these areas to seek refuge.

Dense Human Settlement: Despite all the talk about demographic stability in the region, the housing developments in Shusha have remained poor. This has been the result of the failure of the peace talks between the government and the opposition. Since the population is dense in Shusha, the local authorities have limited options when it comes to constructing new schools, institutions and hotels. Many displaced people have found life in Shusha difficult and many families have even been forced to migrate to other places. But despite all these setbacks, the overall social conditions in the region have remained relatively stable, providing enough accommodation for the people in Karabakh and Asel Korkha without posing too much of a threat to the residents of both regions.