Attractions in Rayut, Oman

The country of Oman takes pride in the many natural attractions that the nation has to offer. If you are planning a trip to the Sultanate of Oman, then why not plan to visit some of the Omani Attractions in Rayushah, Sultan Qaboos and Oman Town? These locations have been featured in numerous travel guides and movies. There are numerous attractions in Oman too; they are however scattered around the small island nation. Oman is an Arabic speaking country, so you will be able to converse easily with the locals. Once you arrive in Oman, you can either stay at the hotels or rest at the resorts.

Attractions in Raysut

Natural Attractions in Rayushah – This is the main town in Oman and is the main attraction in the region. It is also the headquarters for local tourism. The museums and the gardens here are a must see sight for any tourist visiting Rayushah. You can also take a boat ride over the Gulf of Oman, which is a great experience. The scenery here is picturesque and there are many beautiful waterfalls and lush green plants.

Sultan Qaboos Mosque – This mosque is located here and it houses the holy mosque. This is a must see spot as it attracts millions of tourists every year. You can also view the dome and the minaret. The mosque offers a variety of tourist attractions such as the Islamic museum and the gardens.

Oman Garden – This garden is located in the southern part of the capital city. The gardens here are made up of different types of flowers. There is also a pond which is very good for small fishes. This garden has fountains and small statues of animals. This garden is the favourite attraction among the tourists.

Oman Fishing Village – Most Omanis are big supporters of the sport of fishing and this is reflected in their villages. Here they go out to sea to fish and catch the much sought after fish, mostly tuna and halibut. The small local shops are dotted around. You can buy the fresh fish and enjoy the local cuisine. If you have more money you can take out some charter fishing boats and catch more varieties of fish.

These are some of the Attractions in Raysut where you can visit. There are many more places that you can visit but these are some of the major ones. As you can see the place is quite big and there are many things for entertainment and enjoyment. This is why visitors from all over the world keep coming back to this place.