Why Go to Malounta?

If you have never been on a holiday before, you may find yourself wondering if a Trip to Malounta is a good choice for your next holiday. The resort area of Malounta is located in the mountains of Cyprus and whilst on your holiday, you can enjoy all that this location has to offer. There are many different types of accommodation available on Cyprus property, from self catering apartments and cottages to luxury hotels. There are many events and activities on Cyprus property all year round and during your holiday, you can explore these activities and events and soak up some beautiful sun whilst eating delicious food. If you book your accommodation, you can often save money on food and drink.

The natural attractions of the area are very breath taking and offer an array of different landscapes. In fact, the natural landscape of Cyprus is one of the most beautiful in Europe. The beaches are white sand with turquoise blue water lapping on the rocky shore line. The limestone cliffs are lined with evergreens and are a must for any holiday to visit.

Another popular natural attraction of the area is the Cyprus Mountain Beaches. These beautiful beaches are only about 30 minutes away from the town of Malounta and are surrounded by green mountains. Many of the beaches are sandy, offering a gentle introduction to the real water of Cyprus. There is the possibility to take a trip down the Beaches Road, which starts in the village of Paphos and goes all the way down to Kavogean Beach. Both Paphos and Kavogean have plenty of hotels and other accommodation available to help you relax during your trip down the Beaches.

There are many more natural attractions that you will enjoy on your trip to Malounta. There are several different golf courses on Cyprus property and if you like to play golf, you will not be disappointed. You can even arrange to take a driving tour around the area so that you do not have to worry about getting around. Most of the courses are on the Black Sea coast and offer a beautiful setting for water sports and other activities that are fun.

No trip to Malounta would be complete without a trip to the Zaniathlon World Pool. This is one of the world’s largest swimming pools, which can hold over one thousand people. It has a great outdoor pool that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. The water is filled with natural beauty and this makes it a great activity for families to enjoy as well as couples looking to relax. If you get hungry, you can always choose to eat outdoors or inside. You can also enjoy a number of beach bars and restaurants that are situated nearby, making it a holiday full of excitement and natural beauty at its best.

Malounta holidays are a great way to explore the natural beauty of Cyprus. The local people are friendly and make you feel right at home. They have a lovely laid back atmosphere and take great pride in their gardens and landscapes. You will find that the food is delicious and the people are extremely helpful when it comes to making your stay comfortable and enjoyable.