What to Do While in Boston

Trip to Boston

What to Do While in Boston

As you plan your trip to Boston, make sure you add some of the top historical attractions to your list. For those history buffs, the first place you should do is take a walk along the Freedom Trail. This 2.5 mile long stretch is home to sixteen historical sites, all related to the Revolutionary War. You can either take a guided tour, or you can do it yourself and come up with your own itinerary. You will start at the Freedom Trail and go all the way around to Commonwealth Avenue, where you’ll find the National Constitution Museum and the John Hancock Tower. Then you head back to the trail head and hike on to the end of the trail.

For those that want more adventure, you can check out the city’s oldest Walking Tour. Every Sunday morning at 11:00 a.m., starting at the oldest part of town, the Wollenskool Bank Walks, you’ll learn about the history of Boston through this interactive walking tour. Along with an informative history tour, expect to enjoy free tastings of local restaurants and shops, and an excursion into the public library. In addition to walking, you can also try rafting, skiing, or even taking the infamous red train.

Of course, if you’re bringing friends or family on your trip to Boston and you want to treat them to some free things to do, you might consider some of the numerous four-day festivals that the city has to offer. The Franklin Park Conservatory & Botanical Gardens, for example, run four days of amazing events and activities. You can expect to get a free tour of the gardens, meet the birds that are featured in the garden, and take an “adventure” into the Botanical Garden to see how different species of plants grow.

For those looking to relax and unwind, the state of Massachusetts has some of the best public gardens in the country. The state park system offers several options for visitors. While you are there, you might take in the Peaberry Bush Gardens, where you’ll stroll through beautiful bays and meadows, and will get a true taste of the flora and fauna of the area. Or, if you’re visiting Boston’s public gardens, you might want to try the Seaport Village. Here, you’ll stroll through many of the town’s public gardens and be able to enjoy delicious food and beverages while taking in the beautiful scenery. There are no trash cans here so you’ll be able to enjoy your food and drinks without any environmental worries.

For those interested in history and culture, a trip to Boston is definitely a must. You can start your journey at the Old North End, where you can wander through the architecture and streets of this great area. The North End is also home to some great museums, including the Museum of Afro-American History, the Boston Black History Museum, and the Museum of Afro-American Art. All of these museums are free to visit and the museums along this route are the best for those interested in learning more about the history of Boston.

If you’re looking for a great place to go sightseeing while in Boston, the Science Museum is a great place to start. You can learn about all of nature’s creations, from the earliest days of man to the largest space ships. The Science Museum offers many tours that you can take, and while you’re in the area, you can also check out some of the hot spots. Among the things to see in this museum are: the Franklin Laboratory, where you can see incredible science projects; the Medical Museum, which has an incredible collection of medical supplies; and the Museum of Science Education, which allows visitors to demonstrate their skills using state of the art technology. As you can see, visiting Boston is a fun and interesting way to spend a day, and these are just two of the great places to go while you’re in the city.