Five Most Popular Attractions in Allahabad

India is full of fascinating experiences and Attractions in India makes it more special. No matter what the destination or the country, there is something for every traveler in India. Whether you travel to India for business or for tourism purpose, the country has something to offer to every visitor. Some of the most popular and important Attractions in India are mentioned below. Plan your Trip to India with these most interesting Attractions.

Attractions in Allahabad

Hiring Cars to reach the National Park: There are many options available for hire cars in India to reach the National park. Hire a taxi or even rent an auto rickshaw to reach the most famous park in all of India, the park is called as “Allahabad”. The best place to stay in “Allahabad” is at the Jain religious Residency located at Ganganagar. The other places that are worth visiting are; Diamond City, Chandani Chowk, Ram Nagar Fort, Lord Brahma Temple, Fatehpur Sikri, and Siridaar Palace.

Walking the Golden Steps: The Golden Steps of India is a unique structure in itself. It takes about seven hours from Delhi to reach the Golden Steps of India. The first documented walk on the steps happened in the 16th century when emperor Shah Jahan of the Mughal period visited the site.

Spending an Afternoon at the Alasi Bagh: This historical area is located near the city of Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh. It is the burial ground of the first freedom fighter shekhar azad. Alasi Bagh was built in honour of the freedom fighter. There are various other attractions in this region like; Allahabad museum, chakkar, ghat, and many more. Tourists can spend an afternoon here and also explore the various museum here.

Spending an Afternoon at the Ashoka Lake: The Ashoka Lake is a major attraction in Allahabad. This attraction is the birth place of shah jahan. The lake was built by the emperor in the 16th century and the largest lake in India. Tourists can spend an Afternoon at the Ashoka Lake and also view the various interesting monuments and attractions nearby.

Spending an Evening at the Yamuna: The Yamuna is a sacred bathing facility located near the sacred ghat at Allahabad. The region is full of religious significance and has been a place of pilgrimage for Hindus for centuries. A typical evening at the Yamuna will involve a full moon puja performed by a priest. The most popular temple here is the Ganga temple and a very famous attraction to visitors in Allahabad.