Travel Guide to Guida and Lisbon

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Travel Guide to Guida and Lisbon

Are you looking for a vacation on the sun and sea of Lisbon? If yes, then travel to Gueda. Travel to Gueda by air takes just about 2 hours while flying at Lisbon’s Baroque airport. This small Portuguese town is located in the south-west corner of Portugal near the tip of Guincho Santo dove. This small Portugal town is one of Portugal’s most charming locations and is home to some of the finest museums and art galleries in Europe.

The greatest attraction of the town is its incredible range of natural sites. You can see exclusive beaches such as the Costa da Caparica, Farinhas Beach and the Farinha National Park. Farinha and the nearby Farinha national park are very popular for bird watching lovers. Farinha is also home to the world’s first Museum of Sea and Sand, which showcases the richness of Portuguese culture in the 18th century. Another interesting attraction of this unique destination is its rich collection of fossilized shells along with shells dating from the Mesozoic era.

There are two options to choose your vacation. You can either travel by a coach or train. If you have planned to travel by train, then it is wise that you get in touch with a reliable Portugal travel agent who will advise you on the best time and day of the week to travel. A good Portugal travel agent also gives complete information on all the necessary vaccinations, entry requirements and related issues.

For a trip by coach, you need to find a reliable and well-experienced Portugal travel agent. Choose him/her who has ample knowledge on traveling to Guida and Lisbon. A good travel agent is aware of the minor details such as the correct route to take, the ideal time to visit the destinations and even offers accommodation recommendations. For a relaxing vacation in Guida, it is recommended that you go in the late afternoon when the traffic is slower. It is advisable to book your tickets in advance to avoid any last minute disappointment.

There are many places to explore and spend your days in Guida. For tourists, the town holds much fascination. If you are an adventure lover then Guida offers you plenty of thrilling activities such as river rafting, sailing, scuba diving, hiking, rock climbing, camping and river cruising. The Portuguese sailors used this town as a base for exploring the surrounding area. Some interesting sites are Churada Do Guida, Churada da Barra and the Church of Santa Maria de Gracia.

As Portugal is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, there are many islands nearby. A visit to these islands is a good idea if you are planning to take a trip to Guida. For example, if you are planning a trip to Madeira, then there are many charter cruises available. For travelers, it would be best to contact a reliable Portugal travel agent to plan a memorable trip to Guida and Lisbon.