The Wonderfully Historic City of Shushan, Armenia

The beautiful and attractive town of Shusha is located in the foothills of the great Alaverdi Mountains in the northern region of Azadabad. In terms of its ancient history, it was called Aktash in the Alevi dialect, which means “the high places”. For many centuries it has been a very important cultural center for the Aryan ethnic group who settled in this area. Today the ethnically Georgian city is home to a large quantity of tourists from different countries as well as Internationally.

Trip to Shusha

The ancient village of Shusha, the capital of Azadabad was historically known for apple orchards. In the 19th century the town developed as an apple orchard town attracting the attention of the European and American railroad companies. Today a number of international and domestic direct flights to Shusha are offered from major airports all over the world.

The old town of Shusha is located on the main road connecting the two main settlements of Shusha and Nagorno-Khashish. On the western side of the road is the ancient citadel of Dashnagar, the first Russian fortress in the world. On the eastern side of the road is the modern day town of Azadabad, the third largest urban centre in Azadabad. On the south side of the road the village of Shusha-Khashish is a few kilometres away from the citadel. The most important buildings in Shusha-Khashish are the Haidar-Hossein-Qadir Museum, the Central Television Building and the Khayyam Mosque.

The apple orchards of Shusha-Khashish produce apple orchards unique in the region. The orchards of Shusha-Khashish-Nagorno-Kashmir-Arabi are famous all over the world for their fresh apple orchards. The orchards of Shusha-Khashish-Arabi have been cultivated by the azerbejans (Turkmenistan natives) since ancient times. The longest running apple processing and storage business in the country are run by Ismail Merchant, who is also the main employer of almost all the inhabitants of Shusha.

The capital city of Shushan is also situated on the same road as the old citadel of Dashnagar. The city is the only remaining example of an Islamic fortress built in the 16th century. The fortress was destroyed in World War Two; but a new construction was constructed to replicate the fort. The fortress was destroyed again in the Soviet Union but the new construction is said to be even better than the original one. Therefore, Shushan, once again plays an important role in ensuring that the orchards of Dashnagar and Shusha-Kashmir are visited not only by the tourists but also by the people of Azerbaijan.

While on a trip to Shusha, you cannot miss a visit to the famous apple orchards of Dashnagar. These orchards are maintained by local villagers who grow the apples in their thousands, in order to sell them to the consumers. The apples have a unique quality and taste, which cannot be found in any other fruit tree grown anywhere else in the world. A trip to Shushan is therefore incomplete without at least a taste of the sweet apples of Shushan.