Spending Your Day 6teen On a Safari in Kenya

Trip to Gede

Spending Your Day 6teen On a Safari in Kenya

Plan your personalized tour by day by considering the activities that you and your family will enjoy in Gede. Choose from different experince categories such as adventure, family and children friendly and romantic for the ultimate adventure trip with Gede travel planner. One can also explore the fascinating tribal communities living in the area and have a look at some of the amazing sites such as Lake Nakuru National Park and the Selous and Ol Tukai game reserves. There are various water-based activities including snorkeling, scuba diving, wakeboarding, windsurfing and a lot more.

After a tiring day of activities, relax at a campfire, serve yourself some sumptuous meals at the designated spot, then spend a few hours relaxing and rejuvenating at the lake’s edge or at one of the many restaurants serving delicious local fare. One can get away from it all with a cool drink at the cool drink kiosks while sipping on the cool juices and smoothies sold there. At the end of the day, return to your luxury campsite or the campfire and make plans to visit some of the interesting places further on in Kenya. Check out Lake Nakuru National Park, where one can view elephants and other wildlife at daylong walks. Or go for a game drive on the lakes and check out the view from the comfort of a rucksack on day 3 of your Kenya Safari Tour.

Journey to Mombasa by day and spend the rest of the day sightseeing around the coastal city. Visit the game reserve at the Amboseli National Park and experience the Bwindi Game Reserve. Check out the Victoria Falls and see the amazing view from the African plains. Check out Lake Nakuru National Park and experience the wildebeest migration. Continue to the Marich Pass and take a drive to the Great Rift Valley. At the Great Rift Valley, you can explore the geothermal activity at Lake Naivasha and catch a glimpse of the rare antelopes.

Day 2 of your Kenya Safari Tour begins at the Nakuru game reserve where you can watch the giraffes as they go about their daily activities. You can continue to the Lake Nakuru Game Reserve and view the animals from a safer distance as well as enjoying a wonderful boating experience around Lake Nakuru. You can return to the Nakuru Game Reserve by day 3 and then return to the lake via a boat ride. For the last leg of your trip, get yourself an overnight accommodation at a luxury campground in Kenya. At the camp, you can experience some stunning views of Mt. Kilimanjaro as well as some hot springs and restful ambience.

The last day of your exciting Kenya Safari Tour will take you to the town of Mombasa. There is plenty to do at this town, including visiting the local markets and checking out the spice market. You can even get a taste of Swahili food during your stay here. When you are done with shopping in town, it’s time to hit the open road and drive to one of the many game reserves around the lake. If you are a fan of the open plains game, you should not miss a drive to the Selous reserve where you can find elephants, lions, zebras and other hunting fans.

While on your Kenya Safari Tour, you should make sure to explore at least two more sites in the Lake Nakuru region before heading back to the town of Mombasa. Some of these additional areas include the Boma camp where you can swim and snorkel in the clear, shallow pools; the Wanyley Camp where you can spend the night and then hike to the Wanyley Falls; and finally, the Selous reserve where you can find elephants, lions, zebras and other big game. In fact, there are so many amazing places to see on your Kenya Safari Tour, that you could spend several days here just exploring and observing. If you want to add some excitement to your trip, there are numerous activities you can do while you are on holiday such as bungee jumping at the Great Falls or riding on an elephant!