The Best Places to Visit on Your Holiday to Goa

If you are looking to find some fun-filled travel destinations that will add excitement to your upcoming holidays to India, then a trip to Gaya or Vizag will certainly be on top of your list. Gaya, located in the Indian state of Bihar, is a sacred town at the foothills of the Himalayas, beside the ghats of the river Ghats. It is well-known for its ancient temples, including the Vishwanath Temple, built in the 16th century. Close by, sacred Mangla Gauri Temple lies on a picturesque hilltop, where Hindu devotees bathe before celebrating their deceased ancestors on the anniversary of their death. To the north, ancient Shanta Durga Temple can be seen from a short distance. To the south, ancient Shanta Durga Temple can be seen from a short distance.

Attractions in Gaya

Travelers to this part of India have a lot to choose from as there are numerous adventure activities that are available to indulge in during a visit here. Among these activities are trekking, river rafting, paragliding, bird watching and elephant riding. The region is also famous for its diverse flora and fauna, which tourists can see in the thick forests around the region.

To make the most out of a visit to Gaya, India, you will need to make adequate arrangements for your travel, especially for air travel in India. As it is quite a far distance to get to the destination, air travel is the best mode of transport for tourists to and from these destinations. You can book tickets for flights coming to Gaya from major cities in India at affordable rates. Booking tickets in advance is also recommended, as getting tickets for air tours in India is not an easy task. There are many travel websites offering great deals to travelers looking to take a trip to India.

While on your travel, you will need to arrange overnight accommodations as well, which can prove to be expensive for tourists with a limited budget. It would be better if you can consider hiring a hotel room for your overnight stay, as you will get a better value for your money. These hotels offer excellent amenities and services, along with various recreational activities for children. However, these hotels do not usually have the kind of recreational activities that you will find in tourist hot spots, such as Goa.

While in Gaya, you should also consider visiting nearby destinations such as Pune, and Orchha, where you can explore the history of India through the intriguing museum buildings and other historical monuments. You can also try out some adventure sports while on your trip here. Some of the most popular adventure sports in Goa include Para Gliding, Ballooning, Parasailing and Kayaking. There are several adventure tour packages offered by travel agents, which can help you plan a suitable itinerary for your tour.

After exploring the best attractions in Gaya, your next step should be to plan your travel plans. The best time to visit this part of India is between the months of April and September, as this is when there is a heavy influx of tourists into Goa. Goa attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world every year, who visit this colorful state to enjoy their vacation. Travelers looking for excellent travel deals to India should book air tickets to Goa soon, as it is one of the top-destinations in India. You can visit India anytime during your holiday, but there are special packages and deals that will ensure that you get the best experience.