Things to Do in Krklebeli, Turkey

The name of the town Krklareli is derived from a Turkish word, meaning “crescent bay”. At one time the city was a major seaport in the area of the Black Sea. Today, it is well known as a resort city on the Adriatic coastline. It is a favorite holiday destination for Europeans and Turkish expatriates to the world’s top destinations such as Italy and Austria.

Travel to Krklebeli is a beautiful and picturesque escape from the hustle and bustle of cities. This idyllic getaway is nestled on the shores of the Gulf of Nicosia and promises to provide a breath taking experience. A trip to Krklebeli will definitely revitalize your spirit and leave you full of energy. Travelers to the city are greeted by a spectacular landscape that features the ruins of the Roman Empire and Byzantine churches. The cobblestone streets of the old quarter to add to the drama of the city. These cobbled alleys and squares are lined with shops, bars and eateries that give this region an old world charm.

Over twenty-five thousand tourists visit Krklebeli every year. There are many activities in this city that will please even the most demanding travelers. During the day, tourists can walk through the streets, take a boat ride across the harbor, or go for a horseback ride. The evening brings a vibrant atmosphere that includes local musicians, dancing and storytelling.

One of the best parts of Krklebeli for visitors is the many art galleries that are sprinkled throughout the city. The Berkeleys Art Gallery is one of the best known art galleries in the world. In addition to the gallery, there are many museums such as the Saatchi Gallery, the Saatchi Museum, the Kadar Sultan Mosque, and the Turkish National Museum. Every year, many international artists travel to Krklebeli to display their art.

Another area of interest is the village of Korkora. This small fishing town is a favorite among historians, researchers, and anyone interested in the area’s cultural heritage. The many temples, churches, and monasteries are a great stop for any traveler interested in exploring the rich history of the place. Korkora is also home to the world’s oldest running ferry, the Korkorak Line.

If you have never visited Krklebeli before, it is a good idea to plan a trip to this marvelous city before you arrive in Turkey. The internet has many useful resources to help get you started. You can also book a hotel before your trip if you are comfortable with trying out hotels in a new city. You can also find a guidebook to Krklebeli online to help plan your itinerary. No matter where you stay, you will enjoy every minute in this beautiful part of Turkey. The sights, sounds, and tastes of this delightful coastal city will delight travelers of all ages.