Must See Attractions In Karaman, Turkey

Are you planning to go for a holiday or trip to Turkey and you want to know about some of the top Attractions in Karaman, Turkey? This picturesque and adventurous coastal town are among the most preferred destinations of Turkey travel. It has been frequently visited by tourists from all across the globe since it offers unmatched beachfront views of majestic cliff, charming architectures and warm hospitality of its people. A few good places that you can visit while traveling in this coastal town are:

Attractions in Karaman

Dergue Restaurant: If you love to dine with Mediterranean flair, then you must try out the Dergue restaurant in Karaman. This restaurant offers mouth-watering seafood delicacies in a traditional Turkish style. Dergue is also known for their fabulous desserts and it is famous for serving exotic fruit juices. It is located on the seafront of Marmaris Beach in central Turkey close to the resort of Mecidiyekoy.

Dokuz Caddies: This place is a must visit for those who love to explore hidden caddies. It is situated on the beach between Mecidiyekoy and Marmaris Beaches. The caddies are made out of hollowed out coconuts which give the best view of turquoise waters of the sea. These are available in different colors and sizes. Apart from Dokuz Caddies, there are many other attractions in Karaman that you must explore on your trip.

Fethiyeye Park: This park is situated in the centre of Karaman. There are different types of attractions here like National Parks, City Parks and Water Parks. The National Parks features a mix of exquisite scenery and exotic species of flora and fauna. The City Parks is perfect places to go for sightseeing. There are many hotels in and around Fethiye City.

Mecidiyekoy Beach: Mecidiyekoy beach is a popular tourist destination. The beach offers a calm and peaceful environment for families and lovers. It is surrounded by beautiful mountains and is near the resort. You can enjoy your holidays in this area by staying at a room in any of the resorts in the area or even staying in a hotel nearby the beach.

Marmaris Beach: This is an absolutely unique beach in Turkey. People from all over the world come to visit this beach because of its exotic beauty and idyllic serene atmosphere. Some of the attractions of Marmaris Beach are Dikte Besiktas beach, Dokkada beach, Antalya beach, Bekal Mountains, etc. These destinations are not to be missed when you plan to go on a holiday in Turkey.