Attractions In Miliou, Greece

Attractions in Miliou

Attractions In Miliou, Greece

One of the greatest attractions in Miliou is Mount Etna; this massive mountain is said to have formed around the erupting Mt. Etna volcano some 25 million years ago, and is the most visited site of numerous archeological excavations that date back to this period. The height of this mountain is around twelve thousand meters, and it offers spectacular scenery from all points of view. Travellers here can enjoy the panoramic views of mountains, villages, coves, streams, springs and forests.

Another one of the great Attractions in Miliou is its town center, which offers a lot of things for travelers to do. It has a large market place where you can buy or eat fresh fruit, vegetables, and meat products. Water has the maximum temperature in this region, so it is wise to be careful when dealing with water during your trip. The best time to go there during the peak season is from October to March.

The next one of the must-see in Miliou that you should not miss is “The Grand Canyon”. It is one of the biggest natural wonders in the world, and you will be captivated by its formation. Travelers here are encouraged to go ballooning or parasailing to witness this wonder. The Grand Canyon Tourist Bureau can help you get more information about this excursion. Other attractions like the Sea Life Park, Cyprus’ only underwater aquarium, and “Mariowec” (formally known as “mia”) a World Heritage Site can also be found here.

The third one of the must-see in Miliou that you should not miss is “The Village of Roses”. This village is home to many award winning artists. It has a theater and offers several outdoor activities that you can enjoy during your stay. If you would like to shop, then you can do that right in Miliou’s old quarter. There are also lots of local shops where you can purchase souvenirs to take back home with you.

The fourth must-do in Miliou, which you should not miss is “The Tall Ships”. This attraction offers a close encounter with sailing vessels as well as a night cruise on the Aegean Sea. You will see how they interact with the surrounding environment and will be fascinated by the magnificent view from inside the ships. The experience is also great because you can visit different countries and cultures through this opportunity. There are different types of shows including a singing contest.

The last one of the must-dos in Miliou that you should definitely include in your list is “The Islands”. This area is home to a large variety of scenic beauty that makes it a favorite for families. There are also many different water sports you can enjoy during your trip. If you have a family, then this is a great place for them as well. It is recommended that you book months in advance as this location gets much busier than other places.