Car Hire Tips For Your Trip to Kars

The town of Kars is located in the foothills of the Dolomites Mountains. Its history dates back to the 8th century, when it was the capital of the Seljuk dynasty. It was here that Marco Polo stayed and became the first Western visitor to Turkey. From this vantage point, he wrote about the “fool’s paradise” hidden in the mountains of Turkey. Nowadays, the village still reflects this dark and magical history, as visitors are greeted by old buildings with white painted walls, crumbling houses, and little knowledge of how the modern world came to be.

Trip to Kars

Your best option for transportation on your Turkey trip will be a rented car. At the airport, you will find that rental car companies will give you a map of the city, explaining which bus station is the nearest one. From there, you can travel to Kars by either taking a rented bus or a cab. If you plan to rent a car, it is important to book early, as interest rates are low at this time of year. You should also remember that the journey from the airport to your hotel is often through the mountains, so a knowledgeable chauffeur may be necessary to make the trip easier.

When you arrive at Kars, it is a good idea to take a day to explore the region, which is filled with archaeological sites, stone villages, and beautiful gardens. You will need to visit the towns of Marmaris, Gokova, and Ordu, as well as the Hammamet Highschool, a Gothic structure that was built during the 13th century. These sites will allow you to get a feel for the region’s history, which is peppered with war battles and outbreaks of civil unrest. If you would prefer to avoid the crowds and enjoy a quieter trip, consider an overnight trip, which will save you money in the hotels and allow you more time to explore Kars. This option also allows you to visit some of the sites without the hassle of driving through traffic. Depending on the type of accommodation you choose, your flight costs could include the cost of taxiing yourself to the airport, depending on whether you choose to travel via the ferry or take a bus.

After arriving in Kars, you will likely find that you need to book a holiday package to get away from the busy holiday season. Kars offers visitors plenty of activities and attractions, including trips to the local mountains and the Erguvan Cave. If you are traveling without your own transport, it may be wise to rent a car and pay a visit to the countryside surrounding Kars. Turkey is a top destination for outdoor enthusiasts, and the countryside has long been a popular camping hotspot. Hiring a camping vehicle from Kars makes sense for those who want to enjoy the activities, but don’t want to pay for hotel accommodation.

Another thing you should do before leaving for your trip is to determine the best time to visit. Kars experiences different climate patterns throughout the year, so determining the best time to visit can be difficult. Based on the temperature of the area, the best time to visit may be any time between May and October. The cheapest day of the week is usually Christmas, with April having the second best time.

Once you have determined the best time to visit, you may want to check how much flight costs and hotel costs will set you back. A trip to Turkey is a good value, especially when you add up everything you will spend during the vacation. Kars holiday rentals can give you all the comfort and luxury you expect from a first class vacation, but you will still be able to save money if you plan your trip properly. Consider the total cost of your car rental, the flight, and your hotel accommodations, and then add twenty percent for tips, taxes, and other charges.