Things To Do In Puebla, Mexico

Trip to Puebla

Things To Do In Puebla, Mexico

The beautiful, vibrant, and historic Mexican city of Puebla attracts thousands of tourists each year from North America and Europe. Situated in the southwest corner of Mexico, Puebla, Mexico, are Mexico’s second largest city and tourist hub. Tourists can experience Mexico’s rich history as they wander through old neighborhoods, visit historical sites, shop at flea markets, take in the sights at the sights and wander through the streets while enjoying the sights along the way. There are countless sightseeing activities that any visitor to Puebla can partake in during their stay. Here, we’ve listed some of the must see sights in Puebla.

One of the main attractions of any Puebla trip is the Basilica de Guadalupe. This fourteenth-century church is a one hundred and fifty-year-old historical treasure. Built in honor of Mary, Queen of Guadalupe, this colorful pueblo fresco is the best example of Spanish architecture and art found in Mexico. The ideal date to visit this site would be around May or June.

Another must see site is the Historic Center of Puebla. Once the capital of Mexico, this central spot was home to numerous missions, schools, residences, and other buildings that have stood to the test of time. The highlight of the Historic Center is the 16th century mission that sits proudly on its own plot of land. It was built by Father Hidalgo and has been interpreted as the site of Mexico’s first mission. I recommend spending at least one day to explore this amazing site.

Cholula Pyramid Worth Visiting: One of the most famous sights in Mexico is the Cholula Pyramid. Legend has it that these massive sandstone monoliths were given to two families as gifts. Legend says the families never used the stones and buried them. These massive black stones are actually the remains of ancient dwellings that once served as homes for Pueblans. I recommend spending at least one day exploring the Cholula Pyramid.

Coba Caverns: Despite its very name, this spectacular attraction is not for the faint of heart. Coba, Mexico’s largest underground cave system, can only be visited by cave enthusiasts. This is a serious adventure that is best enjoyed by those who are knowledgeable about adventure travel. I highly recommend spending at least one day at the caves, so you can experience Mexico’s subterranean culture.

These are just a few of the attractions I would consider when planning a day trip to Puebla. I would recommend spending a day at each location and then exploring the entire city. You will be able to see the same sights and have the same feeling as if you were in the pueblo for all three days. A trip to Puebla certainly gives the vacationer plenty to enjoy!