Trip to Shusha – Bulgaria’s National Talent

Trip to Shusha

Trip to Shusha – Bulgaria’s National Talent

“Trip to Shusha” by Said Ramadan is a fictional book written by A. Zein al-Rafehi. It is a novel which has been published since 2021. In the book, an ordinary man decides to take a trip to Shusha (ye, in Turkish words) with his two brothers. They decide to go to their new home “Shusha”. And what exactly happens during their trip is indeed amazing and unexpected, as a result of the novel’s interesting and realistic storyline.

The novel starts with the story of a middle-aged husband and father who suddenly realize that his once beautiful wife has gone insane. In order to save his life, he goes to the hospital in a hope to find someone who can help him solve his problem. But nobody knows the real identity of this mysterious person. He is already called “Akeel” or Aqbel, a resident of Aksum (the former name of Azerbaijan). The father and his two sons to return to Azerbaijan in order to ask for Aqbel’s help in solving a case, but they are caught in the crossfire of a war between Aqsals and Azarbaijans. Aqsal’s son kills his older brother in the process.

After the death of Abel, the remaining sons of Azerbaijan decide to go to Shusha (again, in Turkish words), and there they meet up with their father’s old friend Mustafa. According to the story, Mustafa had joined the axis forces against the republic ofzerbaijan and was killed by the terrorists’ leader Abdul Rashid. As a result of Mustafa’s death, Aqsal goes on a revenge killing spree against the Azerbaijan population, while the main protagonist Mustafa tries to save the nation from further terrorist attacks. But both seem to have different objectives in the end.

Trip to Shusha includes a number of music festival participants. There are the National Symphony Orchestra and the Theater Theatre of Oshodi. The theater itself is in the ancient era of Afghanistan. And there is also the largest folk music festival of the world – the baku bazaar. The bazaar has some interesting themes including dragons and lions as well as other mythological creatures.

In addition to all these interesting components, the film also portrays the national dignity of the people of Azerbaijan and how they fight off the terrorists. At one point, the film shows the essence of a national unity, the fighting spirit that can defeat any enemy. Another reason why most of the viewers of the film are impressed with its artistic vision is the musical score. Most of the music in the film has a traditional element, but some of it is original.

It is hard to say whether the film is an effective documentary or not. Some people claim that it is a propaganda, while others think that the film damages the reputation of the Auzarov administration. No matter what the critics say, no doubt that the Trip to Shusha festival is a huge success, both for the nation’s unity and its struggle against terrorism.