Attractions in Novi Sad

If you are planning a trip to the region of Novi Sad in Slovakia, chances are that you will be looking for some interesting and unique places that you can visit. It is one of the most visited towns in the whole of Europe. The place has great historical value and there are some wonderful buildings in the region. The architecture in the area is particularly nice and there are many attractions that can be found here.

Attractions in Nov Mesto nad Vhom

One of the most famous parts of the town is the Town Museum. This museum is very good because it displays many different types of art and history. There are also exhibits dedicated to food. The Restaurant at Vrhobovina is a very nice place to eat. This restaurant offers great meals that are made from local ingredients.

If you are visiting the town during summer, you should know that there are many nice places to go for entertainment. The Arena di Marche and the Theater are two great options for those who enjoy music and theater. The Arena di Marche has regular concerts in this auditorium and they are attended by many people. You can also experience some authentic European theatre during this time in the town. For those interested in sports, you will love the Arena dellevati which is a basketball arena.

A trip to the spa center called “Sosia” is also worth considering when planning your next vacation. This is a great place for relaxation and enjoyment. This is not only a spa center but also a gym. There are also many pools in the vicinity of the Sosia facility. You will be able to enjoy swimming and soaking in the hot bath tubs if you like. You can also enjoy the sauna and steam rooms if you wish to.

Another attraction that is worth visiting while taking a trip to the town is the ancient Orthodox cathedral of St. Nicholas. This church is one of the most important attractions in the town. While you are on your trip, you can also take a trip to the “Mughal Garden”. This garden was built during the 15th century. It is believed to contain hundreds of paintings and a mini museum as well.

While on your journey, you may also want to visit the “Borgue cemetery”. The cemetery is a major historical site which is the result of the Roman occupation of the town of Vhmaesti. The “Borgue cemetery” is open to visitors and is included in most traveling packages. You may also want to visit the local market which is held on the last Sunday of each month.