Tourism in Assam

Attractions in Gaya

Tourism in Assam

A visit to the world’s second largest island of Guadeloupe will leave you craving for more of Attractions in Gaya. Located off the coast of West Indies, this island boasts a stunning landscape and a rich variety of natural sights and attractions. A perfect place for both island tourism and tropical holidays, Gaya boasts of everything from beautiful beaches to picturesque forests and mountain peaks. Here are five top Attractions in Gaya you must see while planning your trip to the east coast destination.

The famous Vishnupad Lake is situated beside the Ghats in the centre of the town. This tranquil lake is home to rare water birds and wild animals. There are different bird species here such as the Indian Pitta, Emerald Dove, Black Redstart, Grey Jungle Fowl, Crested treeswift, and the Crested Treeswift. The lake has been featured in Bollywood movies and is the most watched attraction in Gaya aside from the colonial mansions.

An interesting attraction is the Vishgarbha Temple. Its construction is a milestone in Gaya’s rich history and it stands near the airport as the only monument left standing from the time of British colonizers. The temple is believed to be the oldest Indo-Islamic religious structure in India. The Gaya district museum features a fine collection of antiquities and art works produced in India and abroad. You can also travel to the nearby cities of Kolkata and Pune to explore historical monuments.

The Tiger Island’s Tiger Island is one of the prime tourist attractions in the Bay of Bengal and is well worth a visit. It is the largest island and is home to a large community of Balinese people who call the place Ayurveda. The island is popular for its picturesque beaches and coral reefs. Another interesting attraction is the Eastwood Falls. Tourists can view elephant and rhinoceros frolic in the water.

Those interested in the history of Assam will find much to keep their interest with the temples of that region. Some of the most famous ones are Khajuraho and Aravalli. Khajuraho is the largest Hindu temple in the world located in the state and dedicated to Lord Shiva. Aravalli is dedicated to Lord Brahma, the Creator of the universe.

When you plan your tour to Assam, you have to include in your itinerary an option to visit the beautiful town of Gaya as well. It is a small fishing community on the Indian Ocean and a favorite among tourists who want to have a glimpse of the exotic coast of India. While you are there, you can also see the beautiful sea beaches. The biggest attraction here is the Charminar, the biggest public building in the world. A small island called Naron is also worth visiting along with the nearby forest reserve.