An Overview of Attractions in Allahabad

Attractions in Allahabad

An Overview of Attractions in Allahabad

Attractions in Allahabad are many, but perhaps the most famous ones are the miniature villages that dot the outskirts of this holy town. Mini-skirts and miniature gardens line the sides of most of these tiny towns, where Hindu tourists love to spend their time. In fact, many visitors come to see the miniature Indian miniature villages of Amritsar, Chittorgarh, Bikaner, Fatehpur Sikri, Dalhousie, Akbarganj and Palwal. A walk through these small Indian towns will take you through small villages, where Hindu devotees recreate the lifestyle they once lived, with brick houses and yurts; temples, where Hindu and Muslim devotees pray; mosques, where Muslims and Christians pray; gardens, where members of either community enjoy leisurely time together. There are also markets, where fruit, vegetables and other delicacies are sold. The only major public market in Allahabad is at Anand Sagar, selling goods on bamboo poles, but the malls and commercial areas in every town are lined with shops selling almost everything.

Hotels in this town are numerous and luxurious, often being compared to five-star hotels. Most of these hotels provide maid service and air-conditioned rooms. The rooms are carpeted with pillows and duvets, and offer views of the flowery landscape outside. Every room has television sets and telephones. Some hotels even have restaurants, chapels and conference rooms.

One of the most popular hotels here is the Ashok hotel, which was built in 1963. This hotel is very popular with tourists from all over the world, because it offers good recreational activities like trekking, skiing, water sports, cycling, swimming and many more. Other activities found in this hotel are Yoga classes, cooking classes, jogging, games, etc. There are also a lot of activities for children here, such as swimming pools, playgrounds and various amusement parks. There are two restaurants in this hotel, serving continental cuisine.

Other attractions in this town are the Birla Temple, Lord Brahma Temple, Birla Temple, Lalgarh Palace, Jain Temple, Golconda fort, and the Amber Fort. All these temples and palaces have stories related to their origin and are believed to be the Seven Wonders of the World. Birla Temple, built by Shah Jahan in Birla India, is dedicated to the lord Birla, who is also the founder of Birla Company. The other temples in this town are the Shri Mahalas Temple, Shri Mangeshi Temple and the Lord Brahma Temple. These are some of the oldest temples in the city.

To enjoy a peaceful and easy travel, the best option is to opt for an indirect air-conditioned tour of this city. There are various agencies that offer air-conditioned coaches and cars to tourist groups. A good number of hotels also offer these services, and at a reasonable price. There are lots of local car rentals available here, and the best thing is that one can easily rent a car and drive around the city, sightseeing places and the famous destinations. One can also enjoy the use of a motorcycle if they prefer to do so.

For those wanting to shop, there are lots of shopping malls here, which sell all sorts of merchandise. Food is also big business here, and tourists are offered a wide variety of food options. The famous national dishes here include Biryani, Chutneys, Sambarthi, Curry, and Pickles. The famous fruit juices of this city include Mando ya Kavle (Mango), Tandoori (Tandoori masala), Pickles and Fruit juices are the major items consumed at home, and many fast foods are also served here. The most popular street food is Murg Masala, and other delicacies are also internationally famous.