Pleases In Konibodom – Part 2

Places in Konibodom are small Riverside settlements and they have a great history that goes back to the 13th century. Many tourists visit this part of Tajikistan often to enjoy the lovely river and mountains that it offers and also to take part in a very old tradition that many consider to be a religious pilgrimage. In fact, a large number of people from across the world come to this part of Tajikistan each year to take part in this event.

The most popular places in Konibodom that tourists travel to are the two smaller Riverside settlements of Bugti Tobosht. These Riverside settlements are connected by the Bugti-Khrushchey crossing. People used to come to this part of Tajikistan for a number of different reasons. Some do it for the beauty that it has to offer and to participate in a tradition that goes back many centuries.

Tourists like to visit the village of Bugti Tobosht at the start of their trip. Here they can stay in an ancient village and get to experience the local culture. It was here that the first tea was grown. The village also has a museum where you can see relics of the old ways of life in the region. The people are quite happy to share some information about this journey with tourists who visit the village.

Another place that you should not miss when you travel to Konibodom is the capital town of Dushanbe. Dushanbe is the largest city of Tajikistan and is the largest town that connect all the other parts of the country. You will need to have your visa for Tajikistan before entering the city. Once you are in Dushanbe, you will find that it is very busy with tourists all the time. There is also a large number of people who migrate to Dushanbe every year to work.

Once you are in town you will be overwhelmed by the number of markets that you will encounter. These markets are the source of fresh fruits and vegetables that the people sell. There is also street food, which can be found all across Tajikistan. This is where you can try out local dishes such as meat, fish, poultry and vegetable that are prepared in front of you. There are many hotels in Dushanbe where you can stay for a comfortable stay.

When you travel to this part of Tajikistan, you will notice how people have adapted to the new ways of life. They have created houses that look like homes that they grew up in. They cook their own food and you can see them preparing food outdoors on the streets. The people are warm and friendly and the atmosphere is very pleasant.