Taking a Trip to Qubec

Hike in Canada

A Trip to Qubec, Canada is an excellent trip for outdoor enthusiasts. The many hiking and backpacking trails will leave you breathless after a day in this region. However, to enjoy the wonders of the Canadian tundra you need to make sure you pack appropriately. There are many wildlife species here, including Caribou, elk, deer, moose, bear and even fur-bearers such as foxes and rabbits. With a reliable guide, you will easily be able to spot animals with your binoculars from just about anywhere in Canada.


There are some important things to take on your trip such as: gloves, rain boots and a jacket. These items are not necessarily essential but can really come in handy during your trip. You will need plenty of room in your backpack. If it is long, you should consider bringing a canoe or a kayak to make sure you can keep dry. Even though a trip to Canada has some incredible wildlife, the climate can really make a difference in the comfortability of your stay.

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When you decide to go on a trip to Canada, it is a good idea to make sure you have the proper tourist information. You will need to be licensed through the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) before you can get on an airplane or a train. Also, the cost of getting around on foot is much higher in Canada than it is back home in the US. In addition to tourist guides, you should plan on renting a guide dog that can provide you with directions and also protect you from poisonous berries and insects. Finally, make sure you eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.


Pack comfortable clothes made of wool, cotton, or other comfortable fibers. Pack a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun’s glare. Bring extra water and food because Canadian food is quite expensive. Don’t forget your camera! Tourists often take photographs of everything they see, so be sure to take photos of all the sights you see.


If you are staying in a hotel, make sure the phone and Internet are available in your room. In order to get directions to your destination, you will need maps of the area. The Canadian railway is very efficient and very safe, but it can be confusing at times. Make sure you ask for help at the entrance to the station. If you are planning on hiking, make sure your boots have good tread and that you have worn the proper clothing and footwear to protect yourself.


Your backpack should be packed weeks in advance, so that you will have plenty of time to pack before your trip. If you are going on a trip to Canada with the family, make sure that all the members know the routine before leaving for your trip. Plan your itinerary and try to determine as accurately as possible where you will be going, when you will be there, and how long you will be gone. This will save you a lot of time trying to figure out where to eat or what to do once you get to your destination. Keep these tips in mind, and you will have an enjoyable trip to Canada.

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