Airports in Kenya

Top 5 Major Airports In Kenya


Kenya has been aptly described as an economic powerhouse in the Eastern & Central Africa region, leading in nearly all fronts. From a vibrant manufacturing sector to its dazzling tourism industry and even a robust agricultural sector, there is plenty to do and see in Kenya. The central highlands boast of the country’s tallest mountain and a few miles west lies the mighty Rift Valley.

With plateaus, lakes, and deserts dotting the landscape, it is clear to see why Kenya is indeed a land of contrasts. The country also boasts a very robust air transport system and in this post, we shall discuss the 5 major airports in Kenya.

Jomo-Kenyatta International-Airport

This is the largest international airport in Kenya and as expected, it mainly handles foreign tourists. JKIA is situated some 15 kilometers towards the south of Kenya’s capital, Nairobi. Out of the 4 terminals in this airport, 3 are designated for international use, which goes to show how busy the airport is in terms of handling foreign passengers.

In 2018, the airport was ranked position 9 among Africa’s busiest airports, with 7,100,000 passing through this airport. This was about 70 percent of the country’s overall passenger traffic. JKIA recently launched direct flights to the US, something that speaks volumes of the level of activity in this airport.

Moi International-Airport

Coming in second is the Moi International-Airport that is situated in Mombasa. The airport boasts 3 terminals as well as a currency exchange desk, tax-free shops, cafeterias and lots of ATMs. It is the country’s second international airport.

The airport is situated 10 kilometers to the northwest of Mombasa, the country’s second-largest city. Apart from being a major international airport in the country, MIA mainly caters to tourists who visit the exotic coastal towns and other points of interest along the Indian Ocean.

Eldoret International-Airport

The airport is located about 16 km southwards of Eldoret town. Eldoret is a town lies on the Rift Valley, towards the country’s northwestern borders. Eldoret International-Airport mainly serves domestic and regional tourists. It is also used to ferry export produce, considering the town lies in one of the country’s food basket regions.

One remarkable thing about this airport is that there is a man-made forest on its grounds, great for those that love to relish a breath of fresh air from Mother Nature.

Kisumu International-Airport

Domestically, this is the third-busiest airports in the country. The airport ranks fourth, just after Eldoret Airport in terms of foreign passenger traffic. It strategically sits within the Great Lakes Region, thereby offering services to neighboring countries like Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, and Rwanda.

Kisumu International-Airport is located right outside Kisumu City, the country’s third-largest capital city. The airport has 2 terminals and an impressive runaway spanning 3.3 kilometers.

Wilson Airport

Situated 5 kilometers southwards of Nairobi’s CBD, this is the second-largest airport in the country’s capital and the 5th largest in terms of passenger traffic. The airport mainly serves domestic passengers where it is used to ferry tourists to various destinations within the country and to neighboring countries like Tanzania, Somalia, and the DRC.

It is also one of the country’s top airports for domestic cargo transport and has been instrumental in facilitating civil aviation programs.


And there goes our list on Kenya’s top airports. Beneath these, we also have airstrips that are distributed in the country’s major urban centers such as Nakuru, Isiolo, Marsabit, Kisii, to name but a few. As a matter of fact, you are likely to find an airstrip in all the country’s 47 counties.

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