Kenya tourist Visa

What exactly do you need to apply for a Visa, how much can it cost you, for how long can you stay with this tourist Visa in Kenya and other similar questions have answers that will be highlighted in this article?

Kenya has a lot of interesting things that tourist want to see. Whether it’s the nature or various museums, parks or monuments.

Tourism in the country constantly rises as Kenya has a lot of beaches, eco, cultural and sports tourism events. The most famous of them all is the eco-tourism which allows tourists to visit nature and all of the beautiful creatures around it. Animals like African buffalo, giraffes, lions, tigers, elephants, and crocodiles are just a few of the long list that inhabits the East African country.

Those are just some of the reasons why people love to pack their bags and visit Kenya. It’s not so hard to visit the country either.

The necessary documents can be just a Visa and your passport

Kenya has different negotiations and contracts with different countries that allow foreign citizens to earn a Visa. The most famous of them all is the Tourist Visa. Alongside the Tourist Visa there are other types of Visa that can be issued for citizens from various countries. There is the Evisa which became compulsory as of September 2015.

Just like other countries, Kenya has countries that are Visa exempt. Countries such as the Bahamas, Bolivia, Cyprus, Maldives, Malaysia are just some of the countries that have this opportunity. They can enter the country and stay up to 3 months. There is also the Single Entry Visa that is very popular for most people who like to be tourists in Kenya.

What this Visa allows is not just to enter the country for tourist purposes but also for business and health purposes as well. This type of Visa is valid for 3 months. Not only this one but the Multiple Entry Visa is very popular among the tourists.

There are plenty of options for tourists to visit Kenya

As long as they meet all of the criteria that the country has, then they will be able to get the necessary Visa and enter it legally. Not only that but they can spend up to 3 months in most cases and that is plenty of time to spend around whether it’s at the safari or at one the beaches that Kenya has to offer.

Usually, just like most countries once you have a Visa, the only other document that’s necessary to be in Kenya is the passport. Passport should not expire any time soon and there is also the yellow fever requirement. In most of the African countries, there is a regulation that the Visa owners need to check before they enter.

The requirement from the government of Kenya is to make sure you have a yellow fever vaccination.

After that is confirmed and you have both of the above-mentioned documents, you can easily wander around Kenya and spent some wonderful time in the East part of Africa.

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