Kenya visa for US citizens

Are you a U.S. citizen looking to explore different states?

Traveling far from your native country is one of the astonishing means of learning about the cultural beliefs of other people and this can provide you with long-lasting memories as well as remarkable experiences.

Kenya is one of the iconic places where a U.S. citizen can visit.

Kenyan life is completely different from American traditions and a trip to this great country can be educational and at the same time offering a remarkable experience to any American. Kenya just like any other country has its own travel requirements which all the visitors have to comply with. Visa is one of the travel documents which is a requirement for every citizen traveling outside their native country.

The Kenya visa for US citizens has made it easy for US citizens to travel to this great country with minimal ease.

Type of documents required to travel to Kenya

It’s a requirement for every US citizen to have valid physical or electronic tourist visa which has been approved by the immigration department in order to be allowed entry into Kenya. Traditional physical visa is fantastic but the process of acquiring one is not easy and can be time-consuming when compared to submitting an application for an electronic visa.

An electronic visa is well suited for travelers are looking to carry less physical documents with them or those who want their visa to be processed instantly. Getting visa in Kenya has been made easy since you will just be required to visit website and apply from there.

Apart from electronic visa, travelers will be required to produce a passport and a valid copy of their identity card numbers.

How long can e-visa be used?

The lifespan of your electronic visa is based on the country you’re heading to. In Kenya, the expiry of the U.S. citizen visa takes 90 days from the first date of its use.

For instance, is you submit your application online via the website, your visa will have considered active from the first day of your trip, this ensures your e-visa is utilized properly while on your visit to Kenya.

Kenyan electronic visas can only be used for one-time entry into this great country. The Kenyan immigration rules do not allow re-entry into the country using the same e-visa.

Methods of Receiving your electronic Visa

The methods of receiving electronic visa keep on changing based on the online service you use. Majority of electronic visas are however conveyed via mail.

For security purposes, the iVisa conveys the e-visas through emails. If you lose access to your email, you can reach out to the immigration department to have your visa sent to another mail by contacting their customer service.

Security of this process

Security is an issue of concern when it comes to online platforms, especially when submitting visa applications. Most visa services offer visa in huge bulk where all the visas are sent to the applicants with their information on the document. Even though this kind of information is not confidential, it may worry most of the applicants.

iVisa is one of the most secure platforms since your confidential information is sealed and cannot be accessed by unauthorized personnel.

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